We an inclusive, joyful congregation of witnesses to the life of Christ, and so we welcome all people to live in the light of God’s love.  Our reverence for God’s creation is evident in the ways that we care for people and care for the natural resources that sustain us.  Our mission is to shine our light by actively reaching out to all who are seeking spiritual and social connection.

We are open to new directions of the Holy Spirit in our worship, prayer and study, while embracing past traditions.  We share the Word of God with scripture and stories and also with the uplifting power of music, humor and hospitality.  We provide a place for spiritual growth, for intellectual understanding, and for the healing experience of fellowship for those who desire it.

We invite our neighbors to join with us in our activities, and we pursue opportunities to serve as a resource for neighborhood events.  We seek to establish a more visible presence in the neighborhood to create awareness of our mission and purpose.

We provide opportunities for church members and neighbors to serve people in our community who are in need of support.  We foster a presence in the community through active assistance to a set of service organizations that we call our mission partners.  Regular engagement with these mission partners enables us to better serve others as we are called to do, and increases our understanding and compassion for those who struggle.

No matter who you are, or where you are on life’s journey, you’re welcome here.

Chapel Hills is an Open and Affirming Congregation. We welcome persons of all sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions into the full life, ministry and sacraments of the church (e.g. membership, leadership, employment, marriage).