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 & Hospitality

At Chapel Hills, there are many ways to get involved and we confess that we like getting together for fun and food whenever possible. We take our potlucks very seriously along with other events and get-togethers in our neighborhood.

Cooks of Chapel Hills

Several times a year, we pick a culinary theme and gather at member’s homes for an evening of good food and conversation outside of our church building.  The Food Network would be proud of our range of themes, which have included: Apples, Austro-Hungarian, Brazilian, Caribbean, Chocolate, Christmas Favorites, Cuban, Farmers Market, French, German, Harvest, Hawaiian, Indian, Israeli/Palestinian, Italian, Jamaican, Korean, Mexican, Midwest Comfort Food, Midwest Supper Club, Moroccan, New England Seafood, New Orleans, Persian, Root Vegetables, Russian, Scandinavian, Spam, Southern, and Spanish.

Night to Unite 

For the last several years, we have played neighborhood host on the first Tuesday in August for this national event. Members, friends and neighbors come for a picnic themed potluck, games for the kids, special music for entertainment and visits from the police and/or fire department.

Friends in Christ

  Being part of the Chapel Hills Community is Important: 

  • Personal Connections Beyond our Sunday Community

  • Birthday Cards, Celebration of Key Events, Holiday Gift Packages, Checking In with Phone Calls & Visits

  • Whenever possible, facilitates rides for members with transportation hurdles and meal back-up help when that sort of help from the Chapel Hills Community can Make a difference.

Cookouts & Potlucks

Have we mentioned that we like to eat? Whether tied to a Church Holiday such as Palm Sunday, fund raising for a specific cause or Celebration Sunday, we think we are very good at potlucks. The smell of brats grilling during a worship service is also not that unusual.

Cookies for
College Students

A long-standing tradition at our church has been the annual Cookies for College Students and Shut-Ins Project. Members prepare homemade treats for our “kids” who are off to school or members who have difficulty attending regularly. They get a package in the mail from the congregation to let them know we are thinking of them.

Book Group

Throughout the year, the Chapel Hills Book Group is taking on any number of thought-provoking literary pieces and sharing perspectives and insights with one another.

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