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Our Bridge-Minister:

Pastor Nancy Swanson is a native of the Twin Cities - and the United Church of Christ. As a child, church activities were a big part of her family’s life, and her faith has provided support, guidance, and friendships all through the years. She graduated from United Theological Seminary and has served as a pastor in short-term and settled positions for 29 years. Pastor Nancy likes meeting and learning about people, creating good worship and working alongside others to offer Christ’s welcome and express God’s love in the world.

She is married to Jack, and they have three grown daughters who live with their families in Minnesota and in Texas, as well as a half dozen grandkids.

Chapel Hills is a progressive Christian community following a path of love and grace and compassion. We value both the head and the heart, and we invite you to join us as we grow
in our own ability to show God’s love to a world which needs care and hope.
We believe that God has given gifts to us all and our task is to discover those gifts
and use them to be who God has called us to be – not who someone else wants us to be. 
We are an inclusive, joyful congregation of witnesses to the life of Christ,
and so we welcome all people to live in the light of God’s love.
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