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The Chapel Hills Outreach Program Features 

  • We recognize that we are blessed as a congregation and believe that sharing resources, be it time, money or materials is an expectation of us.

  • Dedicated financial funding for specific groups on an annual basis sourced from our operating budget.

  • Financial support for specific causes and organizations sourced through free-will giving from our congregational community.

  • Local, State, National & International Focus

Outreach & Social Justice 

  • Sandwich Making for the Homeless

  • Winter Hats & Mittens Drive

  • Refugee Kits with MN Council of Churches

  • Whenever possible, we strive to combine both education and personal engagement along with our gifts. We encourage neighborhood involvement.

  • In addition to not only “doing good for those in need”, we also try to engage in opportunities to support, advocate for and learn more about a variety of social justice issues.

  • We strongly support and welcome the LGBTQ community. 

  • We believe God expects us to be stewards of the environment and as a small token of support, we recently installed and maintain a rain garden.

  • Over the years, we have been actively involved with economic development (KIVA), scholarship sponsorships (Mexico) and youth homelessness (Minneapolis).

Chapel Hills UCC Partner Veap logo

  • Monthly Food Shelf Support

  • Annual ‘Souper’ Bowl Sunday Soup Drive

  • Diaper Drives

  • Back to School Supplies

  • Special Programs

  • Dedicated Annual Budgeted and Special Offerings Support

Chapel Hills UCC Disaster Relief Ministries

  • Variety of Disaster Relief Programs

  • For Decades, a UCC 5 for 5 Supporter (Neighbors in Needs, One Great Hour of Sharing,  Veterans of the Cross Christmas Fund, Strengthen the Church, Our Church’s Wider Mission (OCWM).

The Enduring Fund

  • While operating independently of the Outreach Team, the Chapel Hills Enduring Fund plays an important role in our overall giving philosophy.

  • Over the last 20+ years, the church has made external grants in excess of $130,000.

  • These grants have gone to local, state, national and international causes.

Connect with a Child

  • Connect with a Child is a Holistic Program responding to the needs of poor, orphaned children and women in Kenya.

  • Our support is an annual part of our operational budget.

  • We hosted a visit from the Hakuna Matata Choir in 2019.  We hope to have an opportunity to do this again soon.

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